Herd of Zebras preparing to cross the Mara River during annual fall migration


Keep the momentum going for Kids On Safari (KOS), helping Kenyan bush kids become the new leaders in conservation for wildlife in the world famous Reserves adjacent to their villages.

MOSES KASOE†- 11/16/17 IN-KIND DONATION "As the Mara area region leader I have seen a very big light tunnel of empowerment to our kids In conservation. I participated (in the KKOS Two-Week Masai Mara Program) on behalf of the Kenya government to make our kids after training get recognized with a Certificate of Achievement signed on behalf of the government."

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KOS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt charity.†

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We recognize that not everyone can make a financial contribution. If you have a passion for wildlife conservation, helping children who actively want to help themselves, for exploring Africa, or teaching photography or fundraising, please contact us about volunteer opportunities at KOS!

Charitable organizations supporting the program will be listed as the program expands. You can also help us by donating directly to these dedicated charitable organizations networking with Kenyan Kids on Safari. To ensure your donation will be spent on taking Kenyan Kids on Safari, please advise us by sending an email to toddkidsonsafari.org.


Imagine the excitement of learning how to use a camera just like the tourists in the safari vehicle you are sharing and then being able to take home some of your best pictures to show friends and family! We quickly observed that the focus and self-esteem engendered in kids on their first safari experience by the availability of good quality telephoto digital cameras is critical to the success of the program. It opened up their lives and aspirations to all sorts of career and avocation possibilities!

The cameras are given to the Safari Camps/Lodges and loaned out to the kids to use on the drive. Then they get to select a few of their best pictures from free-standing KKOS print stations given to the camps.


Left to Right: Herman Mwasaghua (Mara Serena Manager), Wilson Lolpapit & Todd Cromwell discuss the KKOS program.
In late 2008, KKOS Director Todd Cromwell and local Kenyan volunteers spent one month in coordinating support for the Kenyan Kids on Safari with the camp/lodge headquarters, wildlife clubs and schools from their Nairobi headquarters across the Maasai Mara, to the Samburu centered northern area, Narok and the Loita Hills. Support from all contacted was totally unanimous and enthusiastic.

Southern Kenya Coordinator, Wilson Nankunini Lolpapit, naturalist and professional safari guide report on Kenyan Kids on Safari (KKOS) progress across the Mara to the Loita Hills, where his family lives:

"Two of my five young children agreed to join Todd and myself in the 3,000 kilometer trip across the Maasai Mara and back to Loita to demonstrate how rewarding and easy it is to involve local children in the actual Safari game drive experience at the Mara camps and lodges, as well as interacting with the tourist children at the camps. Lasting 10 days, this was the first major trip in a vehicle away from our remote home for 9-year old Sionta and 13-year old Helen.

"As a reward for their magnificent and tireless effort, we gave them each one of the cameras to keep as their own and bought them complete new outfit at one of the best Narok clothing stores before returning home. They did so much to get the program underway, going on game drives with different tourist from all over the world."

Take a look at the pictures taken by Helen!

Shivani and Doriana teaching the kids how to use the cameras at Samburu Intrepids Camp. Most of the local kids had never held a camera before or gone on a safari drive.
Northern Kenya Coordinator, Shivani Bhalla (Ewasolions.org) report on Kenyan Kids on Safari (KKOS) progress in Samburu and northern Kenya:

"I am very proud to be a volunteer to help get the program going. In December 2008, Todd Cromwell who started this program and is also a friend and donor for Ewaso Lions, visited us in Samburu to network with the tourist establishments and provide selected lodges and camps with digital cameras and print stations for the children to use when they accompany tourists on a game drive. At the end of each game drive, the children would go back to the lodge where selected photos they took would be printed, giving them the chance to remember this memorable safari and the wildlife they saw.

"To date, 16 cameras have been distributed in Samburu at 3 different camps, Samburu Intrepids, Samburu Serena and Sasaab Lodge. Kids are being taken out often and are getting to see what Samburu has to offer!"

"During Todd's visit we arranged for children from Samburu Intrepids Camp to be taken out on a game drive. Six children were taken out after being taught how to use the cameras. The drive was fantastic! We were fortunate to see Nabo, one of the main Samburu lionesses, and lots of elephants including a mating pair beautifully photographed by Saruni! The kids were taught about wildlife and conservation and overall, they had a great experience which they have recounted with a selection of their pictures."

Samburu Intrepid Safari Company Team: Edwin Nyamanga, Manager; Robert Lenanyokie, Asst. Mgr.; Stephen Tilas Lekango, Naturalist; Doriana Lenakio, Adventurersí Club Coordinator.

Please click on each kid's name to see the pictures and account of the experience in their own words:
Saruni Lesabouwa, Elvis Lenamunyi, Paskalina, Dorren Arsum, Nicoleta Loiya.


Adding the wonder of a safari experience to the challenging lives of these orphans, is a reward in itself for all the commitment of the giving women of We Watii which means "we rise up and work together" and that is what the women of Ke'Otech are doing to meet the needs of their community. In order to care for the many HIV/AIDS affected orphans in their village, they have put together a micro economy program. The reason that the orphans have not been taken in by families, and have been left to fend for themselves, is economic. They are in one of the poorest villages in Kenya and simply lack the financial resources to do what their culture dictates that they do, to bring these children into their tribal homes and raise them as their own. And so a plan was developed by the women and funded by Hope Teams through its partner, Oikos: Families of Hope.

The first team to Oyugis in October 2007 treated 1500 people in 4 days. In addition to medical treatment, these organizations provide relief to orphans and street kids, including bringing them back into "foster" families from their home villages.

If you would like to make a donation to help these medical volunteers taking local children on safari with them, as well as supporting their dedication to health issue in third-world environments, contact the coordinating charitable organizations through their websites: hopeteams.org, project-helping-hands.org.

Advise us of your contribution with return address by email to toddkidsonsafari.org so that we can send you some pictures of the kids on their October 2008 safari. Thank you, Todd Cromwell, Kenyan Kids on Safari

*Hope Teams International is a 501(c)3 registered charity, begun in 1998. Tax-ID 93-1271323


Before going on safari - individuals, couples and families who want to take Kenyan kids on safari can refer their safari contacts to this site. Arrangements for taking Kenyan Kids on Safari should be made while booking the trip. It is important to choose camps that have experience with youth, such as the ones listed among our Charter Members. The best arrangements for the Kids are often made directly with the camps. We have already started to describe some of these camps and services here and will expand the listings and recommendations as time goes. Many of these camps have extensive experience in providing kids with their own, unique, full-day safari program alongside the game drive with adults.

If already on safari - your camp manager can help arrange for participation of local children.

Groups wishing to provide a safari experience for local kids can coordinate safari participation for Kenyan children through travel agents and directly with the camps. For additional help, contact Kenyan Kids on Safari by e-mailing toddkidsonsafari.org.

An African Safari can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You make it even more meaningful through realizing that "getting is giving" and "sharing is seeing". Taking a young Kenyan or two with you on a game drive adds a new dimension to your travel experience, enriching their lives, ensuring the future of wildlife conservation, and the excitement of seeing wildlife through their eyes and your own at the same time. So much of the serenity of the viewing comes from sighting animals with their young, seen from the new perspective of your momentary "African" family. Of course, it is important to always remember that the kids are not on "display", but you are simply seeing the animals together.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that there is little or no cost involved for visitors to invite a Kenyan youth to join them on a game drive. Initially, safari tourists may encounter a minor resident fee for the child to go on the day's game drives, which we hope the government and communities associated with the Game Reserve fees may waive.

We appreciate your help in making local kids' safari dreams come true, in making Kenyan Kids on Safari a reality.


As soon as we have pictures of Kenyan Kids on Safari, we will display them on this site. We encourage friends of Kenyan Kids to submit photos and brief identification of kids on safari. Generally, photos should include Kenyan kids interacting with tourists and their children on game drives, and in safari childrens' programs organized by many camps and lodges.

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