Todd Cromwell started developing the program with his previous wife, Bernice, during his third and fourth safaris in Kenya in 2005 and 2006. After Bernice passed away from cancer in 2007, Todd continued implementing this program to fulfill the Cromwell family's desire for more Kenyan children to go on safari.

In November 2008, Todd met and married Joanna, who extends her passion as a world-class fly fisher to the entire realm of nature... and to the children who take their own joy and inspiration for life from growing up in harmony with the World's greatest nature sanctuaries. Combined with their reverence for nature, Todd and Joanna have a deep understanding and empathy for people, and especially children of different cultures.

Joanna passed away in August 2012 from an accident on the Snoqualmie River above the renowned Falls in Washington State. She will be memorialized in Kenya during a special KKOS celebration of her life in April 2013.

For more information or assistance in taking Kenyan Kids on Safari, contact Todd by email -

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