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Kenyan Kids on Safari provides Kenyan children the opportunity to join tourists, medical volunteers and other visitors, who include a safari in their itinerary. It also works with the camps, schools, churches, wildlife clubs and other local organizations to provide larger group experiences. When the children participate in Kenya's world-renowned wildlife viewing, it enriches their childhood and enhance each child's personal development. Some will grow to become the future leaders who will determine the fate of maintaining the Kenyan Wildlife reserves for the entire world.

Kenyan Kids on Safari encourages visitors on Safari to invite one or two children to join them on various safari game drives for the day. Most Kenyan children have never had the experience of a game drive. They miss out on the majesty of viewing the wildlife that surrounds them due to the high cost of safaris and the lack of public awareness of the children's isolation. Even many of the children of the safari rangers and employees who live at the safari camps have never been on safari.

Kenyan children from families who work at the camp or live in nearby communities are the most immediate source to become Kenyan Kids on Safari. Larger groups of children from major population centers will become an increasing source as the program grows.

The goal is to include the Kenyan Kids on Safari with the tourist children on safari educational and entertainment programs. This way both the Kenyan and tourist children have the opportunity to share their varied cultural backgrounds. We hope to create programs that inspire the Kenyan Kids on Safari with educational opportunities for their careers related to wildlife and environmental sciences. Recent experience proves that participation enhances their self esteem to such an extent that all career opportunities suddenly become possible.

With many of the best Safari Camps/Lodges in Kenya now committed to taking Kenyan Kids on Safari, after three years planning and development, we are expanding our local volunteer organization to coordinate the participation of as many as 10,000 local kids a year. We need your help as a first step to see that kids already in the camps, rangers' houses and nearby communities get to enjoy what is in their "backyard". At the same time we are promoting special programs to mix kids from different communities and economic backgrounds in the safari experience. Much of this will come from working with the safari camps, schools and their wildlife clubs to provide larger group experiences during school holidays, especially when this program coincides with the lower occupancy periods at the safari camps, so that everyone benefits.

Shivani Bhalla, wildlife biologist, is one of our Kenyan friends who are already helping to get the program started:

"I love the plan for Kenyan Kids on Safari. It's brilliant! And the kids love it.

In addition to Nairobi and other population concentrations, the program is already underway in the Reserves. There are so many kids in the Reserves - either at the rangers' houses or tourist lodges and in local communities benefitting from the lodges’ existing programs. It is fantastic to take them out with tourists and even in small groups of their own during the slower tourist seasons. I recently had the exciting experience of helping to implement the program in the Samburu area and look forward to helping the program expand."

- Shivani Bhalla, wildlife biologist

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